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Advance Praise for Raise Your Other Right Hand

Jody Weiner’s Raise Your Other Right Hand is a romp of the best sort -- funny, wry, and so thrilling you can’t stop turning the pages. Set in San Francisco at a time when the Warriors were not the world champions on the court, Weiner creates a tale of a superstar caught up in a bizarre double shooting who doesn’t want to explain what happened but stands to lose everything if he doesn’t speak up. Add in a lawyer who would rather be writing his blog, his wife, a theatre producer with ties to organized crime, a glamorous District Attorney, and an international cyber theft ring, and you have a page-turner that will keep the reader guessing, but riveted, until the very end.

  • Frances Dinkelspiel, Award-winning Author and Journalist

In his seriocomic, fast-paced novel, Raise Your Other Right Hand, Jody Weiner tells the story of Radon Jaalaba, a reckless, charismatic NBA superstar who stumbles into a double murder while scoring drugs – and becomes the prime suspect. Weiner sets his tale in San Francisco and he knows the city intimately: its natural splendor and rogue history, its gossip and intrigues, its escalating turf battles pitting greed against old-school liberalism. Weiner creates a wide kaleidoscope of colorful characters and, being a veteran attorney, offers an insider’s keen understanding of law and order, city politics and jurisprudence.

  • Edward Guthmann, Author,  Past film / book critic for the San Francisco Chronicle

Golden State Warriors guard and former Rookie of the Year Radon Jaalaba finds himself on the hook for two murders and could end up playing for the San Quentin Warriors. It’s up to Archie Krafter, the hero of Jody Weiner’s funny and wise legal thriller, Raise Your Other Right Hand, to see that he doesn’t. The plot lines cross and double-cross as Archie and his wife, Lora, balance their high-wire romance against the assortment of upper echelon world-beaters who swirl around them competing for a piece of Radon; his body, his image, his soul and, of course, his money. Drugs, sex, hoops, romance, betrayal, and no refs in sight; Nick and Norah Charles meet The Lincoln Lawyer in this slam-dunk novel.

  • Byron Spooner, Author, Rounding Up a Bison: Stories, Pushcart Prize nominee, and winner of Dillydoun International Fiction Prize


When NBA superstar Radon Jaalaba goes AWOL from a nationally televised game on Christmas, attorney Archie Krafter is handed the case of his career. Having recklessly fled the scene of a deadly police shooting on the way to the arena, in order to defend himself, Radon will have to disclose personal information about Russell Marchetti, his driver and intimate friend, that will doom his NBA career.  

Archie would rather be writing. These days he’s grousing about the state of the world in his syndicated blog: “The Naked Lawyer” while happily married to the lovely Lora, proprietor of a small repertory theater, songwriter, and the estranged daughter of Sal Dellacozzi, the aging “Broccoli Rabe King” of Northern California. Until Lora’s father suffers a debilitating stroke and asks to see her. Lora’s younger brother, Dominic, has been unjustly accused in an international cyber theft ring and also wants Krafter’s legal advice, inexorably bringing Archie and Lora closer to her notorious family. Along the harrowing and hilarious ride to Radon’s and Dominic’s days of reckoning, Archie and Lora’s relationship is tested in ways for which they could never prepare.


Raise Your Other Right Hand is a darkly funny page-turner about justice, family ties and the twisted road to redemption. The novel asks what happens when you throw a drug-addicted, closeted, superstar athlete with a multi-million-dollar shoe sponsorship into an impossibly dangerous situation that forces him to the deepest reaches of his soul. Will Radon Jaalaba, America’s hero on the basketball court, survive real life as he struggles to remain clean and sober while on trial for murder and desperately holding onto a career-ending secret about his sexuality? Although the book is fiction, Radon’s trial is set during the last actual NBA owners’ lockout and players’ strike, thus lending authenticity to Radon’s fading hope of ever playing again, and providing context for exposing the NBA’s silent ban on openly gay players that still exists today.

Radon’s journey began in Saudi Arabia, where his mother, US naval intelligence officer, Michelle Garroway, was stationed and had hooked up with Ramin Jaalaba, a Moroccan Air Force pilot and faithful Muslim. Their relationship failed and Radon was raised by his single mother in South LA; the handsome, latchkey kid grew six inches in one year, became a high school All-American basketball player with a multitude of scholarship offers, and having Michelle as his manager was a millionaire at age twenty-one. Overwhelmed and unable to get a grip on his meteoric rise, Radon walked a mental tightrope for too many years before he finds himself at the tail end of a bender in a dope dealer’s house on game day.

As much as Archie Krafter’s defense of Radon’s case propels the first half of the novel, Lora’s sense of responsibility toward her younger brother, Dominic Dellacozzi, winds up ensnaring the couple in her notorious family’s business. When Dominic is unjustly accused of a crime that was likely committed by their father, ailing crime boss, Sal Dellacozzi, Dominic seeks Archie’s help. Lora has spent her adult life and the first thirteen years of her marriage avoiding her father, while making her own way as a musician and local theatrical producer.  Is the bond between Archie and Lora strong enough to withstand the powerful pull of her wealthy and powerful family when they suddenly come calling? These new challenges to the couple’s trusted relationship form connecting tissue to the parallel legal crises driving this witty, fast-paced narrative toward its satisfying and unexpected conclusion.

Raise Your Other Right Hand is also a vehicle exploring serious moral questions surrounding addiction and class, sexual identity, and accountability for the consequences of our actions. The characters manage to wade through trappings of celebrity and greed, pushed to honest introspection, some eventually rising to recognize the importance of humility and service.  For Archie and Lora, at the end of the day, their unconditional love may still be the strongest link.

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