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Prisoners Of Truth By Jody Weiner

a novel by Jody Weiner

"This fine page-turner ingeniously turns into the story of the very book one's turning the pages of. A creative twist on a genre that's usually linear, Jody Weiner's image-specifics also are refreshingly effective.
Jack Hirschman; San Francisco Poet Laureate, PEN Award-winner

"In the novelistic tradition of The Great Gatsby, Jody Weiner has created two characters that represent the American penchant for ambition. With bright humor and unstinting honesty, Weiner holds a mirror up to the reader forcing us to examine our own weaknesses . ."
Cathleen Miller; author of Desert Flower and The Birdhouse Chronicles

"Jody Weiner is a master of authenticity, putting his story down in all its hues with the deftness of a great realist painter. His characters vividly come to life in this funny and classy legal-flavored pot-boiler/morality play. I could feel Ollie Katz's breath on my neck."
Romy Ashby, editor Goodie Magazine

"Jody Weiner evokes Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist. They write with the same intentions and both deal with storytelling and reality with the same integrity, obliging the reader to engage truth in a deeply comic and spiritual manner."
 Karl Francis; writer/director-- One of the Hollywood Ten        

About Prisoners of Truth

When prominent attorney Lucien Echo and a circuit court judge are accused of fixing a criminal case, local journalist Ollie Katz seizes the opportunity to exploit a front-page story. Having admired Lucien since college, Ollie sets out to help establish Echo's innocence but winds up confronting ethical issues of his own after he grows too fond of Lucien's fiancée and uncovers incriminating evidence against the lawyer.

A modern morality tale of self-examination, Prisoners of Truth also transports us into the past on Ollie's quest to explain Lucien's fall from grace and find the ending to his latest unfinished novel. Although their lives have intersected during turbulent and decadent times, now, as Lucien's day of reckoning approaches, Ollie holds sway over the biggest story of his life. Multi-layered, provocative and often laugh-out-loud funny, Prisoners of Truth explores some of life's larger issues while surging to its gripping resolution.

Council Oak Books

Hardcover, 261 pages, 6 1/4" x 9 1/4"
$22.95 US/ $30.43 CAN   
ISBN 1-57178-124-2  

Paperback, 5 1/4" x 8"
$13.95 US
ISBN 1-57178-197-2
Category: Fiction 

Original Cover Art - Book Design by Nancy Calef 
All rights reserved   Copyright 2007

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