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Peoplescapes -- My Story From
Purging To Painting

an illustrated memoir
by Nancy Calef with Jody Weiner

Nancy Calef's transformational journey chronicles in words and pictures her evolution from child model, suffering anorexia and bulimia, through her recovery and maturation into a multi-disciplined artist renowned for her innovative "Peoplescapes:" vibrant plein-air colors applied to exaggerated snapshots of the human condition, together producing a remarkable narrative on issues facing society.  Much more than a cocktail table art book, Peoplescapes -- My Story From Purging To Painting is an around-the-world tale of self-discovery, courage, and love, at turns hilarious and heart-breaking, while Calef's luminous talent shines through.

Copyright 2014 - BABU Books;
ISBN: 978-0-9898171-0-3; $22.95; 
Library of Congress Control Number: 2013947904;
1. Nonfiction 2. Memoir 3. Art/Art History 4. Health 5. Autobiography/illustrated 6. Women's Studies



prisoners of truth

Prisoners of Truth
a novel by Jody Weiner
Council Oak Books

"This fine page-turner ingeniously turns into the story of the book one's turning the pages of "     
            Jack Hirschman; San Francisco Poet Laureate,
                          PEN Award-winning poet, author

"In the novelistic tradition of The Great Gatsby . . . Weiner holds a mirror up to the reader forcing us to examine our own weaknesses." 
             Cathleen Miller; author of Desert Flower and
                          The Birdhouse Chronicles

"Jody Weiner is a master of authenticity . . ."
              Romy Ashby, editor Goodie Magazine

"Jody Weiner evokes Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist . . . "
              Karl Francis; writer/director-- One of the Hollywood Ten



kinship with animals

Kinship with Animals
forward by William Shatner
Council Oak Books

Scientists, activists, philosophers, and spiritual leaders share their intensely personal experiences while pondering import of human/animal relationships. . . Jane Goodall recalls . . . a fateful childhood meeting with a dragonfly. . . . Lawyer Jody Weiner muses on Koko the Gorilla’s sexual harassment lawsuit.


A Radical Social and Political History
of the Lower East Side
Seven Stories Press

Clayton Patterson
Edited by Clayton Patterson, Alan Moore, Joe Flood
Co-Editor: Jody Weiner

This collection of writings and images documents the political history of the Lower East Side of New York (LES) over the last century, describing the lives and struggles of the radicals, artists, and immigrants that populated and politicized one of America’s strangest and most beloved neighborhoods.

Vali Myers   A Memoir   
by Gianni Menichetti
Golda Foundation

In this brilliant memoir of Australian artist Vali Myers, by her friend and lover, Gianni Menichetti, Vali’s art, times, and personality come through unforgettably. For thirty years author Gianni Menichetti lived with Vali in the wild canyon of ‘Il Porto’—first as lover and willing slave, ultimately as friend, confidant, and protector.

You saw in her the personalization of something torn and loose and deep down primitive in all of us.”
George Plimpton, Paris Review

“Vali’s dogs, Vali’s trees, Vali’s donkey, the birds, the flowers, the caves, the spiders of Vali. We have seen for the first time the old skeleton of nature." 
Bernardo Bertolucci, film-maker, Last Tango in Paris,
                                        Stealing Beauty

ISBN 0-9785606-0-4 $25.00 US
Published by The Golda Foundation © 2007

lost my mind again
an animated journey through the paintings,
and music of
Nancy Calef

Written & directed by Jody Weiner
original music, animation by Nancy Calef

copyright 2007 all rights reserved
running time 4.06 minutes
ca lawyer
In Pro Per by Jody Weiner
California Lawyer Magazine

Hot Koko -- "Some years ago, Koko and I enjoyed an attorney ape relationship. I was Koko's lawyer negotiating licensing agreements for the PBS documentary. . . . "
  copyright 2015
all rights reserved